Alien Dice Updates

The seconds ticked by, passing slowly as if mired in a thick mental sludge. Lexx came closer, taking no pleasure in Tairin and her dice’s distress. He stopped at her feet, keeping his hand steady to maintain the pressure. “You can’t win, and I won’t kill you. Accept your loss.” A final offer of leniency was acceptable. She wouldn’t recover with more than a few seconds to launch another attack.

“No… choice.” Tairin gripped the bands around her neck, straining to pull them free.

Ten minutes.

He would have to endure her suffering for ten minutes, and then it would end.

“Stay down.” Lexx turned aside, gazing into the sunrise.


Tairin could have ended the match at any time, yet she persisted, tugging at the collar as though it would help if she could remove it.


Lexx lessened the pressure as they neared the end, blocking out the panting from the dice.


A few more minutes and…

The end.

“Shira Lexx wins this round!” The disembodied voice called the end of the match, excitement rising with each word.

Lexx withdrew his hand, and Tairin almost choked on the sudden rush of air. The dice rolled onto their sides, heaving and digging at the ground. 


Over and done.

Nothing needed to be said.

Lexx turned his back on them, raising a hand to open a door back to the beach where Chel awaited. As much as he looked forward to seeing her, he dreaded it at the same time. However, he hadn’t killed Tairan.

That had to count for something.


I had the mental energy to get this done and caught up on text! – Tiff

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