Alien Dice Text Catchup

Lexx stared at Chel for a moment, letting what she said sink in.  “They didn’t come to me about this.”

“They didn’t want to distract you from the game,”  Chel explained, unsure she wanted to see Lexx’s reaction.  He stared ahead, contemplating the situation.  The relay atmosphere became tumultuous.  The gentle light and surrounding calm colors shifted  to green, then red.

“They know what I want.”  Lexx growled thoughtfully, a scowl crossing his face.  “They didn’t come to me because they knew my answer!”

“Why did they bother asking me?”  Chel grimaced.  She didn’t want to be some kind of mediator between Lexx and his group of well meaning supporters.  She wanted to help, but this wasn’t the way.

Lexx suddenly noticed he was making Chel uncomfortable and softened their surroundings.  “Can I see the conversation?”

“Yes,”  Chel gave Lexx permission to watch her memories and within moments he had done so.  When he was done, he was silent again, working over the full conversation.

“They thought you would tell me to go.”  Lexx glanced away from Chel, then met her eyes again, asking earnestly, “ Do you want me to go?”

“I want you to do what you want to do.”  Chel replied without hesitation.  She was being completely honest.  She wanted whatever Lexx wanted, irregardless of what she herself wanted.

“I’m staying.”  Lexx gave Chel a warm smile.

Lexx reached out with his right hand and ran it gently around Chel’s neck and into her hair, playing with it .  “I have my own plans and I’m not letting anyone get int eh way.  Not my friends.  Not the ADC.  No one.”

“You’re going to have to make that clear,” stated Chel, smiling at Lexx as they leaned toward each other.

“I will.”  Lexx grinned before kissing Chel full on the lips.  Their conversation ended there in the relay.  Skirting the edges of Lexx’s relay so as not to interfere, Stealth sat and watched the pair.


In the real world, Stealth turned to Dash, rolling her eyes,”  They’re kissing again.”

“Yuck.”  Dash rumbled rolling his eyes as well.  “Humans kiss so weird.”  Stealth turned to face Dash, twining her long tufted tails around her feet.  A huge grin spread across Dash’s face and he leaned forward to lick Stealth’s muzzle.

“Beth they donth geth hairth on theh thonghes.”  Dash let his hair covered tongue dangle from his mouth in front of Stealth.  She chuckled at him, honestly amused by the silly gesture.

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