Alien Dice Random Ramblings 1 – 4

Well… I got THIS done and I’m happy with it.  Unfortunately, I was supposed to ink and color the regular Alien Dice updates on Friday.

That did not happen, because I spent Thursday evening at the emergency vet with my husband and Vash, our corgi.  We put him to sleep rather than let him die on his own, which he was going to do.  It was very sudden.  We were told his abdomen had filled with fluid and it was likely due to a malignant tumor on his spleen bursting. :/  The prognosis wasn’t good no matter what they did and they let us know that it wasn’t our fault.  It wasn’t something that could have been caught or stopped.  He was 11 and a half.

I’m making this post public, so I can just point people at it rather than type that up again.  

Alien DIce updates at 

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