Alien Dice 8/7

Some people just shouldn’t smile. 😀

First found himself walking down the narrow corridor that led to Andisel’s viewing chamber.  He regularly made the walk to give his report and with each trip he made First wished Andisel would just accept a report over the relay or via normal means.  She was too paranoid in his eyes and he dreaded these short meetings.

Andisel is not going to be pleased.  The news that First had to deliver was not going to be everything Andisel wanted to hear and she was in a consistently foul mood.  Everything is finalized.

Lexx will die before he can win his freedom.  First had to gloss over the amount of time this was going to take and gloss over the fact that it was still possible for Lexx to win.  He had to sound confident, even if he didn’t feel that way.  Lexx had secrets.  He was stronger than he should have been and things were going his way far more often than they should have.

First came to a stop at the tall pearly rose-colored doors.  He readied himself, going over his words again.  He could not allow any hint that he thought their plan might not work.  First tapped the door and they immediately opened.  

What he saw on the other side chilled his blood.  Andisel had turned to look at the doors from across the room.

She was smiling.

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