Alien Dice 8/28


Lexx’s ship was orbiting the moon along with many other cloaked ships.  Chel couldn’t see them, but Lexx told her they were out there.  Some had better cloaks than others and were positioned further away from the Earth.  Lexx had pointed out a few distortions in space that shimmered unnaturally.

Chel listened to Lexx talk as she drank the tilauh.  By the time she reached the bottom of the cup, she could feel an energetic feeling coursing through her body.  Her hands were trembling as she tried to hold the cup and steady her racing thoughts.

“Are you okay, Chel?”  Lexx inquired with growing concern.  He could see Chel visibly trembling.

“I feel like I’ve had a dozen cups of coffee!”  Chel laughed it off.  “I’m not going to sleep for a week!”  It was the same buzz she had felt after trying a high caffeine energy drink.  It was overwhelming but not intolerable.

“I’m sorry.”  Lexx apologized.  “I didn’t take into consideration that the energy nutramix would be too strong.”  He looked at Chel with growing concern.  “It was only one.”  Lexx finished with a sad murmur.

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