Alien Dice 7/1

Obviously NOT the finished page, however, I know I’m not going to finish it so thought I would put it up like this.  Next week’s page.. is complicated!! 😀

“Lexxxx.”  Chel pulled back, trying to slow Lexx down enough to talk to him.  She wasn’t sure what had gotten into him and was becoming more and more concerned with each step away from the party.

“This was never what I wanted.”  Lexx stopped walking and dropped Chel’s hand.  He glanced back at the lights further down the beach.  “I wanted a simple quiet place.”  Lexx mumbled more to himself than Chel.  “I wanted to be alone.”  He lifted his right hand and light swirled around it as he summoned a door.  

Lexx walked through the door as soon as it opened enough to do so.  Chel sighed and grabbed for his cloak, needing that security as she stepped through the door with him.  She shut her eyes against the light and let Lexx lead.

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