Alien Dice 5 – 29

“That is so amazing, Lexx!”  Chel jumped into Lexx’s waiting arms.  “You can be an ordinary human.”  She was happy about that fact.  He would be able to blend into a crowd and not stick out like a giant Smurf.  That was a good thing.

“I’ll think about that when it’s a real possibility,”  Lexx squeezed Chel gently.  “Twelve hours and two minutes are left.  A lot can happen in that time.”

“Correction.”  Lexx made a face as another voice intruded in on his relay.  “Nine hours and forty-three minutes.”

“You know Mauki isn’t going to fight you.”  Riley’s smiling face popped up in front of Lexx.  He emerged from the golden light surrounding them like he was walking through a thick fog.  “You’re doing great, Lexx.”

Lexx scowled at Riley.  Once again, there had not been an invitation and yet his friend felt it was ok to just drop in.

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