Alien Dice 29 13 12

Lexx and Chel stood on the beach close to the water. Music floated over the sand—the last few party-goers leaving. Word spread fast, and the beach was finally clear of people. Unfortunately, their short time together was coming to another end, and there was the possibility he wouldn’t see her again—possible he would die.

“Break’s over,” whispered Lexx, turning to Chel and leaning closer. There was a painful sadness in her eyes as she tilted her head toward him. He slid his hands over her cheeks, gently brushing her hair back as he pressed his lips to hers, savoring their satiny softness. After so long of avoiding this kind of activity, releasing himself to enjoy it had an overwhelming effect, making his head fuzzy and warm.

Pulling apart was painful, the sense that he was leaving his heart w. He smiled, attempting to be comforting even though there was only an icy darkness seeping into his bones.

“Good luck,” said Chel, her fingers trailing down his arm as he turned away from her.

“Thank you.” Lexx grimaced, glancing over his shoulder. The desire to turn back and kiss her again rose, but he didn’t have time. The clock continually ticked down, and the end was nearing.

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