Alien Dice 29-13-02


Almost an entire hour passed without a single sign of a challenger which was bizarre. The clock ran, and Lexx paced around the designated meeting area. Lexx kept his eyes open, alert, listening. There was no sign of anyone attempting a sneak attack.

While it was normal to have introductions, they weren’t mandatory. Still, Lexx could not let his guard fall. He wandered to a ledge, hearing scrabbling sounds coming from the side, deciding to investigate.

“I’m coming!” a familiar voice called from the darkness. Lexx scowled, realizing it was Damian. He peered over the edge, looking into the darkness to see movement far below him, coming up the cliff side.

“Hey, Lexx!” Damian called out, working his way up the side, taking his time. “Almost there!” exclaimed the Sairah with a massive grin. 

Lexx crouched closer to the edge, hanging his hands over his knees to stare at his friend, pondering why he had chosen such an unnecessary path. Even throwing the match, wasting time like Riley had done by simply not engaging, was acceptable.

“Taking a break!” Damian shouted. Lexx watched him brush off a piece of rock, then sit on it, leaning back to gaze at the stars.

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