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“Okay,” Lexx nodded in agreement, his tone turning more serious. “But if I have to leave the earth? Will you come with me?”
“I can’t and you know I can’t.” Chel replied without hesitation. It was obvious to Lexx that she had already gone over this scenario. “You can’t protect me.”
Lexx wasn’t prepared for the punch to his gut as the words came out. They were true, but did they really have to be said? No, he could not protect her and he knew it. The very fact they had just arrived back from Chel being kidnapped was proof of that. He had not been able to prevent her from being taken and it was possible he wouldn’t be able to prevent it in the future either if someone wanted to grab Chel and run. He couldn’t do anything in his current situation.
The truth, was not something Lexx wanted to think about right now. He just wanted to hear her say she’s go with him, even if the situation never arose.
“I can try.” Lexx drew himself up into an almost comical pose of bravado, sparkling bolts of lightning arcing through the grass behind him at his whim.
Chel smiled, getting the distinct impression that Lexx was pushing her statement aside and not letting it get to him. She was glad of that.
He accepted it and went along, the same as she did, realizing that even though she had said it, she wasn’t leaving him alone. She was still there. She wasn’t going to abandon him and that was more important… especially since running was not a good idea in the first place. Instead, she wasn’t going to agree to do anything hypothetical just to make him feel good. The thought bothered him, but running would put Chel in an even worse situation if something happened to him. It had been a dumb question to ask of her, but still, she was truthful and that’s all he could ask for.
“I already know you would give your life for mine, please don’t feel the need to prove it.” Chel kept smiling up at Lexx, relieved that he had not reacted how he might have in the past. He smiled back. He didn’t close down and retreat. He was still standing there, giving her a smile that made her cheeks flush.
“As you wish.” Lexx whispered, brushing her hair back gently.
“Yes, that’s what I need right now,” Chel’s hands dropped into Lexx’s, enjoying their warmth and security as they closed around hers. “You quoting ‘The Princess Bride’.”
“As you wish.” Lexx tilted his head , closed his eyes and flashed a toothy grin that made Chel want to melt.

I’ve noted to myself to INSTALL WORD ON THE SURFACE!

Obviously, Lexx is not angry with Chel’s statements here. The old Lexx would likely have devolved into being immediately moody and withdrawn.

Now, my notes on this page came out of insane giggling at the thought of Lexx, Keith, and Vic bonding over a viewing of the most manly loved movie ever, Love Actually. Then I considered the tv viewing that obviously has gone on and what things Chel might have shown Lexx. Princess Bride made its way in.

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