Alien Dice 11/20

With a sigh, Riley turned to face Mel. “I will give you the sample in exchange for an assortment of alcoholic beverages.” He looked over his shoulder. He spotted Damian and that servant girl he seemed to be clinging to looking at the ocean. “And there’s someone here who will let you examine him. Just not me.”

“Agreed!” Mel leaned over the table and held out the swab. Riley leaned forward, mouth open.

“Me too!” Mauki swung around a chair and sat down at the table next to his brother. That deal sounded like too much to pass up.


TOMORROW’s update!

Still taking next week off and writing off the month of November with a big fat ‘Do NOT worry ‘ about it stamp. 🙁  My updates will be weird until 2020, simply due to vacations and family being underfoot, but I will do my best.

My leak wasn’t fixed today, but I hope it’s done tomorrow.  

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