AD Day 29 – 2 – Text Update

“I’m going to keep Riane occupied, Lexx.”  Alexxis grinned, staring off into the distance.  “We’ll talk more.  I wasn’t able to be here for you in the past, but I am here now.”  He ended in an apologetic tone, squeezing Lexx’s shoulder affectionately.

“Sleep,” commanded Alexxis, sliding his hand up to Lexx’s head.

Lexx smiled as everything began fading into a soft haze.  It felt welcoming instead of ominous and unlike any sleep Lexx could remember.  He just felt good and protected.

“Enjoy that girl’s love.”  Alexxis’ words drifted through Lexx’s subconscious.  “You get so few that are worthy of your heart.”

Sirius and Serenity passed through the halls like two gently flowing streams in a forest.  They passed by several groups of workers and a cart laden down with food supplies that were being taken to the kitchen.  But they did not let anything distract them.  The pair could feel Chel calling for them, even though she wasn’t aware she was.

The pair of dice came to an empty hallway and passed down it with purpose.  Their long curved nails clicked lightly on the newly laid wooden floor.  Near the end of the hall, there was a large open balcony that faced the beach.  The salty breeze coming off the sea brought the smell of the nearby trees with it and it wasn’t an unpleasant scent.  This was a good place to sit and think.

Sirius and Serenity paused at the open door, their arrival hidden behind the rhythmic rolling of incoming waves and the rustle of leaves from the trees below the balcony.  Chel was sitting in a corner of the balcony, out of sight unless you were standing by the sliding glass doors.  Serenity arced her neck around the door and took a moment longer.

Chel was sitting with her arms folded tightly across her stomach, knees tucked up close so that her forehead was resting on them.  Serenity could tell she had been crying and likely still was.  Everything Serenity was reading off of Chel told her how overwhelmed she was and how much she didn’t want to be where she was.  At the same time, there was a sense of obligation, resignation, and a heart on the verge of breaking.

Serenity approached Chel, her head low and at eye level should the girl look up.  Serenity followed and stepped aside to let Serenity work her ability on Chel and settle her emotions.

Serenity slid her muzzle down against Chel’s cheek, nuzzling her gently.  Chel sighed and ran her hands through Serenity’s soft fur, leaning against her head.

“The relay gives me away, doesn’t it?”  Chel sniffled.

“No.”  Sirius rumbled softly.  “Serenity is empathic and she’s tuned to you.”  He avoided letting on that in his case, the relay did clue him in once he was nearby, but it was Serenity who had nudged him into joining her from afar.

“And you make me feel better.”  Chel grimaced, burying her face into Serenity’s forehead.

“I give you clarity and peach when I’m near.”  Serenity smiled, happy to help in that way.

“Please stop, Serenity.”  Chel leaned back, a hand on either side of Serenity’s head, fingers twining into her long cheek fur.

Serenity nodded and lowered her head.  Her mouth drew back in sadness as she let Chel cry against her head without dampening her emotions any further.  Chel let it out for a few minutes longer, then sat back and wiped her eyes with a sigh.  Her face was blotchy and red from her tears and her eyes were puffy and swollen.  Chel willed herself to stop, running a hand over her cheek and feeling how hot they were.  She imagined if she had a mirror she would be embarrassed by how she looked.  

Everyone would know she had been crying and then they would have to ask if something was wrong.  Chel dreaded having to field such questions.

“Lexx is going to win, Chel,”  Sirius stated, hoping his words would cheer the girl up.

“That’s not why I’m upset,” sniffled Chel.

“Don’t worry about him, Chel.”  Serenity purred.

“It doesn’t matter if Lexx wins or loses.”  Chel sighed, a tear sliding down her cheek.  “Someone else is going to make decisions for him.  If he wins, he’s going to be taken away from here whether he wants to go or not.”   She let the words spill out, glad she could tell someone about what was going on who really did have Lexx’s best interests at heart.  “I told them that wasn’t what Lexx wanted, but they seem set on it.  I don’t know if I’m more upset by that or the thought of Lexx leaving.”

On one hand, Lexx leaving would probably be best for him, but that should be his choice and the injustice of it made Chel mad.  She was mad because she knew at this point, she was helpless to do anything other than vocally protest.   Everything was so complicated when it came to Lexx and it rolled all over her feelings.

“Why would it matter which upsets you more?”  Serenity bumped Chel’s head with her muzzle, breaking out of her thoughts.  Chel sighed and averted her eyes nervously.

“Because I don’t want to be selfish,” admitted Chel.  “I want Lexx to stay.  I know he wants to remain on Earth.”  She wanted him to stay.  Just thinking about it made her throat tight and heart twinge.  In such a short time, she had truly grown to love him.  Even if it never went further, she wanted to know him better and spend time with him in a normal, somewhat wishful thinking life.  She could see them doing the regular things couples do; going on dates, watching movies, getting to know her family.  At the same time, those thoughts were a complete fantasy.

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