AD 29-12-12

I got a comic done!  

“Moooom!” Chel exclaimed with obvious exasperation in her voice. “You can’t ask them to do things like that! They aren’t research subjects!”

“They’re happy with the arrangement,” laughed Mel, dropping her hands to her hips not swayed by her daughter’s annoyance.

“I’m not,” said Chel, loud enough for her voice carried across the beach to Lexx and her father. The two of them held back from joining her, opting to remain a safe distance away from the argument that was surely about to ensue.

Vic turned to look at Lexx, studying his face as he stared across the beach at Chel. He was entirely fixated, his full attention on them, listening.

“You do realize if you marry Chel, her mother will never leave you alone?” Vic tilted his head toward Lexx, who turned to face him with a grimace. 

Lexx looked away thoughtfully before replying wistfully, “Small price to pay.”

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