AD 29 10 14

Should get the finished file up tomorrow!

“I know.”  Lexx shifted the conversation to the privacy of the relay.  “I’m completely lost.”  Admitting it helped.  “Win or lose, I am completely unprepared.”  

Chel wasn’t entirely sure how to respond or if Lexx even wanted a response.  The relay conversation was cut off suddenly as Lexx squeezed Chel’s hand.  He swung his hand up to create a new door and Chel followed him into it.

Chel blinked as she stepped from the rough rock floor onto smooth metal plating.  The first breath of air told her they weren’t on Earth anymore.  They were on Lexx’s ship and standing in a dark room.

“I’m making you tilauh.”  Lexx let go of her hand and gestured at the cluttered room.  “I haven’t had time to move much from my old ship to my new one.  But I have tilauh.”  The door closed behind Chel and she followed Lexx into a dimly let hallway.  

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